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IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet, kontoret i Malmö.

Strategic sustainability work and sustainability management

Companies are expected to take responsibility for sustainability and environmental impact along the entire value chain. To drive this effectively, strategic and systematic sustainability and environmental management work is needed, which permeates all parts of the business. IVL helps you with that.

Strategic and systematic sustainability work can contribute to streamlining and optimizing resources throughout the value chain. It increases risk awareness and risk minimization and stimulates new innovations and business models. At the same time, it strengthens the brand and helps to attract and retain competent employees.

With our help, you can develop and strengthen sustainability and environmental work both at a strategic level and in the operational activities.

We help you to:

  • Identify sustainability and environmental aspects throughout the value chain through current situation analyzes, environmental assessments (according to ISO 14001), materiality analyzes (according to GRI standards), stakeholder dialogues, environmental analyzes, mapping (according to GHG Protocol), risk assessments and life cycle analyzes.
  • Develop strategies and goals for your sustainability work in the short and long term, support yourself on contributions to the UN Global Goals in Agenda 2030, set climate goals according to the Science Based Targets initiative and set KPIs to guide and follow up strategies and goals.
  • Implement strategies and objectives through action plans where environmental and sustainability work is integrated into the company's business processes and decisions. This is done through environmental management systems (ISO 14001), working methods and routines at an overall level and for parts such as ecodesign, sustainable production and sustainable purchasing.
  • Follow up and communicate sustainability work internally and externally in the company, sustainability reporting (according to GRI, Global Reporting Initiative), sustainability communication for both operations and products such as own environmental statements (according to ISO 14021) and environmental product declarations, EPDs (according to ISO 14025).

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