24 March

Flexi-Sync webinar 1: Introduction to the project

Flexi-Sync (Flexible energy system integration using concept development, demonstration and replication) aims to optimize the flexibility in the district energy sector, a sector with untapped potential to balance the energy system. The integration of more variable renewables in the energy system is creating challenges to balance energy production and demand. By increasing the flexibility, the heat and electricity sectors can complement each other in order to facilitate a more efficient use of renewables and waste heat in the energy system. The Flexi-Sync project is an ERA-Net SES financed project and gathers 16 partners from four EU Member States: Austria, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Six demo sites in the countries will participate.Four times a year the project will share and discuss findings from the project in webinars. This is the first webinar and it will introduce you to the background and content of the project. Hosting the webinar is Flexi-Syncs coordinator Anna Nilsson. Recorded versions of the webinars are available for viewing at www.flexisync.eu within a week of the webinar's completion. At the website you can also sign up for the newsletter to get information continuously from the project.