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Carbon neutrality webinars

The project aims to gather actors in specific sectors for a Nordic dialogue about ongoing and planned work in the fields on carbon Capture Storage (CCS), the role of municipalities and regions and climate action in the industry sectors in the Nordics. The webinars aim to contribute to an improved holistic view, in-dept dialogue between different actors, as well as contribute to identifying continued efforts and cross-sectoral strategies.

First webinar 28 September on Carbon neutrality: Possibilities of CCS (and CCU) in the Nordic countries

In this webinar the development of CCS-value chain is discussed from a Nordic perspective. The aim is to provide an opportunity for an enhanced cooperation and exchange of experiences in regard to how the ongoing work with CCS is being organised in the Nordic countries, which analysis is being made, ongoing processes in regards to support systems and legal frameworks etc.

Presentation from the webinar 28 september Pdf, 3.1 MB.

Second webinar 11 October on Carbon neutrality: The role of municipalities and regions

Theme: How to create engagement and acceptance at the civil society and municipalities for sustainable

In this webinar all Nordic countries shares background information on each countries' national goals and roadmaps for achieving reduced climate impact at the municipality and regional level. After that, the webinar goes deeper with presentations within the theme of the seminar. Group discussions will follow, where questions will be specified and where the participants can discuss and take part in each other's experiences.

Presentations from the webinar 11 October Pdf, 8.7 MB.

Third webinar 25 October on Carbon neutrality: Climate action in the industry sectors in the Nordics

Theme 1: Overview of how the Nordic countries has developed sectoral roadmaps on behalf of the basic industries.

Theme 2: How do we create markets for basic materials with low climate impact.

In this third webinar all Nordic countries has the possibility of exchanging experiences linked to the sector-level "roadmaps" which have been developed in the Nordic region either through authorities and/or the industries themselves. Focus will be on the roadmaps developed for process industry (e.g. production of products such as steel, cement, chemicals, plastics and fuels).

The second part of the webinar discusses how different actors have created markets for ´green’ products. Measures that could contribute to motivate investment in greenhouse gas emission reductions across the supply chain for materials and fuels and increase demand for climate-neutral products is also discussed. For instance, this could include climate procurement requirements, standards, green premiums etc.

IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute is responsible for preparing, organising and hosting all of these three webinars on carbon neutrality.

Project facts

  • Carbon neutrality across the Nordic countries - 3 x webinars
  • Financed by Nordic Council of Ministries
  • Partners: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Budget: 430,000 SEK
  • Period: 2022 - 2022

First webinar 28 September

Second webinar 11 October

Third webinar 25 October

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